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HTML Basics

A Basic HTML document consists of some bare minimum elements.

The Outer Structure.

1.The outer Structure of any HTML consists of two elements <!DOCTYPE> and <HTML>.

2.The <!DOCTYPE> elements confirms to the user-agent(i.e browser) that the document is encoded with HTML specifications.

3. The <html> elements tells the browser to consider everything between the start(<html>) and end tag(</html>) is HTML.A kind of "wrapper" over all other tags.

Example : HTML5 Documents Outer Structure

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Head and Title.

1.The <head> element immediately follows the <html> start tag.It contains information about the page(i.e metadata).

2.The most important and required element within the head element is the <title> element.It should be a short description unique to the page and it appears on the top of the browser tab.

3.The title element should not contain any image or links within it.<title> element is used by search engines like Google, bing etc to get an idea about page contents and accordingly place the webpage in search results.

Example : Head and Title of the Document

Give it a TRY! » Note-A good development practice is to write a short summary about the page in the title.Ideally it should be less than 60 characters.

The Body element

1. All the contents that is to be displayed in the main window of the browser is encapsulated within the <body> element of the web document.

2. There may be only one <body> element per web page and that should follow the <head> element.

3.All contents like headings, paragraphs, tables, forms, multimedia etc are contained within the body tags.

Example : HTML5 Document's body

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A Basic Document

1.Here is a very basic HTML document containing the bare essential elements of a webpage.

2.It consists of <!DOCTYPE> , <html> , <head>, <title> and <body> element only.

Syntax : A Basic Document with bare minimum Elements

Give it a TRY! » Note-The element <!DOCTYPE> , <html> , <head>, <title> and <body> are all required in every HTML document .