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HTML5 Canvas Graphs Charts

Use HTML5 canvas to draw Graphs and Charts representing Data.

HTML5 Canvas: Data Plots

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1. Any Numerical Data can be plotted on the Canvas as Graph using Data Plots.

2. Data Plot is plotted on a grid representing the co-ordinate axis. Multiple colors can be used for different data sets inorder to make the distinction clear.

3. The Dataplots can be updated regularly by replacing the old values with new values.

Example: DataPlots using HTML5 Canvas.

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HTML5 Canvas:Pie Charts.

1. A Pie chart comprises of a circular pie within which each sector(or region) denotes a particular quantity, colors are used to make distinction between them.

2.Sectors within the Pie chart can be drawn using method arc(centerX, centerY, radius, initialAngle, Newangle).

3.Each Sector of the circle is filled and stroked uisng method stroke() and fill() respectively .

Example: A Pie Chart using HTML5 Canvas.

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HTML5 Canvas: Bar Graphs.

1.The Bar graphs are used to show quantities with rectangular bars, the taller the bar the more is the value of the object

Example: Draw Bar Graphs using HTML5 Canvas.

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