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HTML5 Form Attributes

HTML5 introduced several new form type attributes .

Form Attribute Types

HTML5 Webforms 2.0 brought many new attributes for form elements.

The following are webforms2.0 form attributes.












Enter you website URL :

1.Autocomplete attribute enables the browser to remember the data entered and reuse it.

2.Autocomplete attribute allows you to fill form faster.By reducing effort to write same data over and over. Eg: e-mail address,creditcard no etc.

3.Autocomplete attribute is a standard(by default). For secure data input switch if "off". Eg: autocomplete="off"

Url input Example

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What's your email :

1.Autofocus attribute enables the cursor to focus automatically to input as soon as the page is loaded.

2.Only one element per page should have an autofocus attribute,otherwise it becomes undefined.

3.To enable autofocus just put the attribute autofocus alone in input element.

Autofocus Example

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Operating System:

1.List attribute is used along with datalist element,allowing a list of possible values for an input.

2.List attribute is used for input,while datalist is used to create a list of options .

List attribute Example

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Number(20 to 100) :

1.The min and max attribute puts a constrain on the input values.

2.The min sets the minimum input value, whereas max sets the maximum value the input can attain.

3.In above example 20 is minimum, and 100 is maximum.

Min-Max Example

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upload a file:

1.The multiple attribute allows you to enter multiple values for a input. Its is boolean in nature.

2.Syntax of multiple Attribute is multiple="multiple", or just multiple.

Multiple attribute example

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DATETIME-LOCAL: < input type="datetime-local">

Local Date and Time :

1.Obtains values which represents local date and time(no timezone).

2.The Input format is yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.Eg:2012-08-15T17:30:47.

Multiple Example

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e-mail :

1.Place holder attribute allows the user to get a hint about the nature of input. These are text that occupy input field by default.

Placeholder Example.

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1.Pattern Attribute enables the browser to validate the input to ensure it matches a regular expression.

2.The Example validates the input for two names seperated by blank space.

3.The Example validates the input for two names seperated by blank space.

Pattern Attribute Example

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Required attribute


1.Required form attribute makes it mandatory for user to enter some value before submittion.

2.Required attribute can be added by just writingrequired within input element.

Required Attribute Example

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Step attribute

Select your Number :

1.Step attribute is used to control the granularity and specificity of input.

2.The value within the step attribute is the value by which the input changes.

3.Eg: step="2" means the increment or decrement will be by amount 2.

Color input Example

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