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HTML5 Geolocation Apps

Various practical application of HTML5 Geolocation API.

HTML5 Geolocation: Plot Current Location on google map

1.You can integrate Geolocation API with Google Maps, the co-ordinates of the user's current position can be plotted on the Google Maps.

2.All you need to do is include the Google Maps Javascript library in the markup.

Example : Plot Current Location on Google Maps

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Plotting Current Location on Bing Maps.

1.The Current user location can be integrated even with the Microsoft Bing Maps, just like we did with Google Maps.

2.We just need to add a reference to Bing Maps Javascript Library along with Geolocation Script .

Example: Plot Current Location on Bing Maps

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Plot Current location on Nokia Maps.

1.To plot current user location on Nokia Maps API, just include a reference to Nokia Maps Javascript library.

2.Define the Zoom levels, pointers and error messages and its done. Simple!

Example: Plot current location on Nokia Maps

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