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HTML5 Global Attributes

A list of all HTML5 Global Attributes

HTML5 Global Attributes.

Global Attributes allow you to configure the behaviour of all HTML elements.

These elements can be applied to every elements.

Attribute Description
accesskey To assign an access key(i.e shortcut key) to a link.
class To define one or multiple classification names to a HTML element.
contenteditable Denotes that the user can edit the contents within this element.
contextmenu Specifies the Context menu applicable to the element.Context menu can be seen by a right-click on the element.
dir To specify the direction of the text flow within the element.
draggable Denotes that the element can be dragged, it can be holded and moved to a new position in webpage.
dropzone To identify elements where the dragged objects can be dropped.
hidden Prevents the specified element and its descendents from being displayed by the browser
id Defines an unique identifier to a HTML element.
language To specify the language used for text within the element
spellcheck Denotes that the contents within the element should have its spelling and grammer checked.
style To attach style informations with an element
tabindex Denotes the position of current element in the order in which Tab key takes the user to the element.
title To provide a short description or title of the element
translate Defines whether the given element should be translated or not.