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Use <iframe> to embed outside webpages within a frame in current webpage.


1.<iframe> element enables the user to open a window within a window, or a browser within a browser.

2.<iframe> tag allows the outside source document to be inserted within the main document, HTML5 allows the incorporation to be seamless(no scrollbars, borders,margins etc).

Inserting an iFrame on HTML Webpage.

1.The iframe Url address must be enclosed within the <iframe> element.

Syntax of an iframe.

iFrame Attribute :width and height

height:Controls the height of the iframe.Values can be expressed in "px" or "%"

width:Controls the width of the iframe.Values can be expressed in "px" or "%".

iframe attribute: width and height example.

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The output:

iFrame attribute: scrolling and frameborder

scrolling This attribute allows users to enable or disable scrolling option on webpages. Its has been deprecated from new HTML5 specifications, but still supported on browsers.For values three options are available.

  1. "no" indicates no scrollbars.
  2. "yes" indicates active scrollbars.
  3. "auto" indicates scrollbars if required.

frameborderThis attribute enables users to specify the border.
Values are boolean in nature. Eg: 1 indicates border while "0" indicates "noborder"

Example Scrollbars and Frameborder.

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A Sample iFrame embed (Scroll on)

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