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An Introduction to Mathematical Markup Language(Math ML)

Math ML Intro

1.Math ML(Mathematical Markup Language) is markup language for representing mathematical notations ,it captures both the structure and content.

2.The Standards and specifications are maintained by World Wide Web Consortium(W3C).

3.HTML5 allows you to add Mathematical signs, symbols, notations and other materials directly onto HTML5 documents using the MATH ML elements.

Advantages of Math ML

Encodeable: Encode all mathematical Notations capturing both the structure and content of the material.

Convertible: Allows conversion from one mathematical format to another.Can generate output formats for text displays, graphical displays, speech synthesizers, print devices.

Flexible: Enables high degree of flexibility allowing you to pass information for various kinds of applications and renders.

Cross Platform: Encoded data is legible to humans and can be used by softwares and templates to process or generate data.

Browser Support for Math ML.

1.The Math ML is supported on latest versions of Firefox and Apple Safari browser.

Compatible Browsers.

safari firefox

Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox.

Math ML Specifications.

1. MathML uses XML mark for representing mathematical notations.It is a XML application.

2. The MathML markup of two types Presentational Markup and Content Markup.

Presentational Markup: Used to markup Mathematical Expressions and the layout .

Content Markup: Used to markup the content and convey the additional mathematical meaning with it.

Incorporating Math ML within your HTML5 document.

1. HTML5 enables you to add MathML elements directly into the webpage.

2. The element <math> is the most top level element in MathML, all MathML tags must be wrapped within this element.

3. Nesting one <math> element inside another is invalid.

Demo: A simple demo of Math ML .

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