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HTML Tables Advanced

Advanced Configurations for Tables.

HTML TABLE head, body and footer.

1. A table consists of three parts the head , body and the footer.

2. Element <tbody> denotes the block of rows belonging to the body, Element <thead> denotes the block of rows belonging to the head, while element <tfoot> denotes the footer of the table.

3. Its easier to code tables manually using this method,also it makes scrolling and printing tables much effective by maintaing the positions of header and footer on top and bottom of the table repectively at all times.

Example:Table with head,body and footer.

Give it a TRY! » NOTE-With HTML5, the order of <tfoot> or <tbody> do not matter.

Adding a Caption to your tables.

1. The caption element lets you add a Caption to any table.Any table must have only one caption.

Example: Adding caption to tables.

Give it a TRY! » NOTE- The caption element must appear just after the table element.

Table Border.

1.The table element can use the border attribute to draw borders around table and individual cells.

2.The value of the border attribute can be empty(" ") or any number.Generally, border value should be "1"

Example:A table with border

Give it a TRY! »

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