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HTML Video Apps

HTML5 Video Applications using the Media API and Javascript functions, methods and events.

A Custom Made Video Player with Controls.

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Video Player Step By Step.

STEP 1 : Using the video Element to include the video resource.

STEP 2 : Adding Video Player Control Buttons.

STEP 3 : Get the video resource by selecting them by their ID. And Removing the Default Browser Controls.

STEP 4 : Creating the Play and Pause Button

STEP 5 : Creating the Stop Button

STEP 6 : Add Volume Controls using events and Event Handlers

STEP 7 : Add Mute and Unmute Buttons.

STEP 8 : Creating Fast Forward and Rewind Buttons.

STEP 9 : Add the SeekBar and functions to goto specific points on the seekbar .

Example: Complete code, Build a custom Video PLayer with all controls

Give it a TRY! » Note-Refuse permission to allow current location detection, to see the error demo.

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