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HTML5 Editable Text

HTML5 editable text feature and some extra HTML elements.

HTML5 Editable Text:contenteditable Attribute

Life is Awesome. What say?

Above text is editable.

A new addition to HTML5 is attribute contenteditable, it enables users to edit the text(contents) on the page.

1.To enable this feature set contenteditable="true" , to disable this feature set contenteditable="false".

2.If no setting is provided then it inherits the property setttings from its parents.

Example:Editable text with attribute contenteditable.

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HTML5 Element details Element.

The Details Element Summary

If your browser supports details element you must be able to toggle the Summary to expand the text.

The details Element is used to create a disclosure widget which can be toggled to display the detailed information

Example:Details Element.

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HTML5 Hidden Attribute.


1.The denote a content that is currently irrelevant, we use the boolean attribute hidden property.

2.You can use javascript functions to toogle the text from being hidden to unhidden.

3. Syntax: simply attribute hidden within the starting tags.

Example:HTML5 attribute Hide and Unhide Attribute

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